A Widescreen Interactive Learning System Where Teachers and Students Can Collaborate and Share Ideas.

Advanced Surface Technology
for the Modern Classroom

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Because we believe 21st Century Workspaces should Engage Students

By creating a Theater-Like Classroom viewing experience In Full HD

The state-of-the-art Classroom Technology System includes:

DLP Solid-State Projector
Wireless Mirroring System
Interactive Software
Built-In Speakers
135” or 102” Widescreen Interactive and Dry-Erase Surface
Here's how it works:

Captivate Your Students

Featuring Promethean's LaserView Technology, the ActivWall includes an HD solid-state projector that delivers beautiful illumination and color, a near instant power on and off, and a 20,000 hour light source with no lamp replacement.

Here's how it works:

Team-Based Collaboration

Divide the ActivWall into individual learning spaces to enable students to work together using their own web browser and on-screen keyboard.

Here's how it works:

Instant White-Boarding

Launch the instant whiteboard to write and draw freely for brainstorming and classroom instruction. Capture all annotations and notes during the lesson to send to each student.

Here's how it works:

Interactive Web Browsing

Launch the custom web browser to quickly search for information. Send students webpage images with live links and notes.

Here's how it works:

Promote Student Engagement

Measure student understanding and gather feedback by sending questions to students and have them respond using any connected mobile device.

Unleash the Power of Mobile Technology

Wirelessly mirror and view content from mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Use a connected mobile device to receive, send, draw, or interact with digital lesson content.

Work with individual teams while mirroring lesson content from anywhere in the classroom using a mobile device.

Learn more about our Wireless Mirroring System, ClassFlow Connect

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